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No Antibiotics, No Hormones - OU Kosher Pasture-Raised Beef and Poultry
I haven't had the like of this since 1940 in my mother's kitchen in Brooklyn!
- Adele, 83 years young
Our first order arrived and I couldn't be happier with the chicken. It cooked beautifully and has exceptional flavor!
- Stephanie, Queens
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Boston-area Buying Clubs

Grow and Behold Foods brings you delicious OU-Glatt kosher beef, lamb, turkey, chicken and a full line of nitrate-free sausages and provisions. You've never tasted meat this good!

Customers in the Boston area are invited to save on shipping costs by ordering through the Boston Buying Clubs. We deliver to locations in Newton Centre and Cambridge. Simply select your preferred pick-up location from the "Delivery Location" drop-down menu when you check out.

Pick-Up Locations

Newton Centre
Pick-Up Date Thursday, November 20
Orders Due 5am EST Wednesday, November 19
Pick-Up Location Private residence on Brookside Ave
(exact address will be in your receipt)
Pick-Up Time 6:30-8pm

Pick-Up Date Wednesday, November 19
Orders Due 5am EST on Tuesday, November 18
Pick-Up Location Temple Beth Shalom (Tremont Street Shul)
8 Tremont St, Cambridge, MA
Pick-Up Time 5:30-7pm

Please make every possible effort to pick up your order during the specified delivery times. Unclaimed orders cannot be held at pick-up locations overnight, and will be donated.

2014 Delivery Dates

Newton Centre
Newton Centre pick-ups are on THURSDAYS. Orders are due the previous WEDNESDAY at 5am.

Deadline Pick Up Date
Wednesday, May 21 Thursday, May 22
Wednesday, June 25 Thursday, June 26
Wednesday, September 17 Thursday, September 18
Wednesday, November 19 Thursday, November 20

Cambridge pick-ups are on WEDNESDAYS. Orders are due the previous TUESDAY at 5am.

Deadline Pick Up Date
Tuesday, May 20 Wednesday, May 21
Tuesday, June 24 Wednesday, June 25
Tuesday, September 16 Wednesday, September 17
Tuesday, November 18 Wednesday, November 19

Need your meat sooner? Select "Mail Order" and we'll send it via FedEx! Learn more about shipping here.

Shipping Information and Delivery Fees

Shipping products under refrigeration isn't cheap, but we are doing everything we can to keep rates fair and affordable. As the total size of the group order goes up, everyone's shipping rates go down. So please tell your friends!

We won't actually charge your credit card until after the order deadline, so we'll reduce your shipping rate based on the total Buying Club order size after the deadline.

Total Weight of All Orders

Shipping Rate
50-150lbs $1.00/lb
151-250lbs $0.80lb
251-350lbs $0.70/lb
350+ $0.60/lb

How To Order

Place your order by clicking on the "Beef," "Chicken" or "Turkey" tabs on the left of our website. Select the number of each item you'd like to add to your cart. When you're finished shopping, you'll have the chance to select your pick up location. Just look for the city in the drop down menu. We'll send you a confirmation email with specific times and locations for your pick up.

Make sure you join our mailing list for updates, reminders and specials!

The Fine Print

We need at least 50lbs of orders to make the buying clubs work. If we are unable to reach the minimum number of orders you will have the option to select regular shipping with FedEx, or to cancel your order.

Please check your invoice carefully to make sure you have picked up your entire order (which may be in both boxes and/or bags) before you leave the pick up location. If there is a problem with your order, you must notify us within 24 hours of the pick up time. We cannot be responsible for missing items that are reported after 24 hours.

If you have any other questions about our Buying Clubs, please get in touch:

By email: info@growandbehold.com

By phone/fax: 1-888-790-5781

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