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No Antibiotics, No Hormones - OU Kosher Pasture-Raised Beef and Poultry
"This meat is SO GOOD" says Joy of Kosher's Jamie Geller. Watch the video here!
It was fantastic - especially LOVED the duck breast - wow - so delicious.
- Roberta, Boston
The best chicken I've ever worked with, and the cleanest kosher birds I've ever seen!
- Tom, Head Chef, Eden Village Camp
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Sustainable Fish

When seasonally available, we are pleased to offer sustainable Gefilte Fish from The Gefilteria and Sockeye Salmon Filets, caught by independent family fishermen in Bristol Bay, Alaska.

We will be restocking our fish items in time for Pesach. Please check back later in the spring!

Kashrus Information: We follow the OU kashrus policies that allow for salmon to be purchased without certification. Learn more here.

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Sockeye Salmon Filets
Alaskan seafood is both wild and sustainable, delicious and versatile, and these wild-caught Sockeye filets are of the highest quality. Each pack is approximately 6oz and contains one skin-on filet.

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Gefilte Fish
This salmon-striped gefilte is a fresh take on a Jewish classic, beautiful to serve and delicious to eat. Made with the highest quality sustainably-sourced fish, baked in an onion broth and blast frozen to maintain freshness.

No fillers. Gluten Free. OU Kosher. Two 12 oz loaves serve 6-12.

Ingredients: Fresh whitefish, fresh pike, fresh salmon, fresh Spanish onions, fresh eggs, olive oil, sugar, salt, white pepper.

Serving and Thawing Instructions

Coming Soon!
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The Gefilteria

Based in Brooklyn, NY, The Gefilteria has a goal of reimagining Old World Jewish cuisine, adapting Eastern European Jewish classics to the values and tastes of our generation. They handcraft the small-batch gefilte terrines on a seasonal basis using the freshest fish from the Great Lakes, as well as olive oil and freshly ground onions. The gefilte contains no fillers, so bite per bite, you get more high quality goodness and it’s always gluten free! Learn more at

Wild Sockeye Salmon

For six weeks every summer, our partner fishermen return to Bristol Bay to fish for salmon in small boats with hand-tended set-nets.

When you eat salmon from Bristol Bay, you are voting with your fork to protect a precious natural resource that has long sustained local fishing communities. Forty million salmon return each year to one of the world's best managed salmon fisheries. The salmon are caught using sustainable methods, then blast-frozen at the dock at the moment of harvest, allowing us to enjoy this delicious fish at the peak of flavor year-round.

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