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Everything arrived in perfect shape! We had one of the deckels for Shabbat dinner. It was terrific!
- Sharon
I wanted to let you know how AMAZING your chorizo is! We used it in a Spanish recipe, with fresh tomatoes, thyme, white wine, and pasta . . . It was fantastic.
- Stephanie, Queens
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Sustainable Fish

We are pleased to offer sustainable Gefilte Fish from The Gefilteria again this Holiday Season.

Shipping info For New Customers:
Gefilte Fish is sold and shipped FROZEN in insulated containers with dry ice (via FedEx). Add items to your cart and see how full your shipping container is on the check-out page. A small container can hold about six 28-oz loaves of Gefilte Fish, or fewer boxes along with our delicious kosher pastured beef, chicken, turkey or lamb items. If this is your first time visiting Grow and Behold, we encourage you to check out our other great products or contact us for more info: or 888-790-5781.

We recommend thawing the Gefilte Fish on a plate as containers may leak while defrosting. Also note that serving sizes vary from family to family -- for some, a 24oz loaf will feed 10-12 people; others may want to double this amount. You know your family best, so please order accordingly!

Kashrut Information

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Gefilte Fish
This salmon-striped gefilte is a fresh take on a Jewish classic, beautiful to serve and delicious to eat. Made with the highest quality sustainably-sourced fish, baked in an onion broth and blast frozen to maintain freshness.

No fillers. Gluten Free. OU Kosher. 24 oz. loaf serves 6-12.

Ingredients: Fresh whitefish, fresh pike, fresh salmon, fresh Spanish onions, fresh eggs, olive oil, sugar, salt, white pepper.

Serving and Thawing Instructions

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About The Gefilteria

Founded by a trio of New York foodies, The Gefilteria reimagines Old World Jewish foods, adapting Ashkenazi classics to the values and tastes of a new generation. The team has set out to reclaim Jewish culinary traditions through a new kind of Jewish food brand.

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