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The Gefilteria

On this page, you'll find delicious Gefilte Fish from Liz Alpern and Jeffrey Yoskowitz's Gefilte Manifesto., plus other "Old World" cuts of meat featured in their cookbook.
Ground Beef

At 85% lean, our ground beef is flavorful and juicy, never greasy, and will make the best burgers you've ever tasted! Also great for stuffing seasonal vegetables, meatballs, or a flavorful pasta sauce with fennel and garlic. Recipe

 ~1lb per pack

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Whole Brisket

Trimmed to perfection, our Whole Brisket includes the first and second cut brisket held together by a vein of marbling that bastes your roast from the inside. Brisket is best cooked over low heat with liquid for several hours. Recipe
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 1 brisket per pack

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Corned Beef - Whole Slab

This premium corned beef is made from our deckel and cured naturally with cherry and celery. Great on a sandwich, hot or cold. Corned beef is fully cooked. For best results, steam 2-3 hours before serving, or braise with vegetables such as cabbage and carrots.

Ingredients: Beef, Water, Sugar, Spices, Salt, Cherry Powder, Celery Powder. Nutrition Facts

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Whole Chicken - Cut in Eighths

Our famous Sara's Spring Chicken, cut up into 8 pieces! Wing, breast, thigh and leg. Save the hassle of carving your bird and let us do it for you!

 8 pieces per pack

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GREAT VALUE: Save $0.25/lb with a 4-pack!
Chicken Soup Bones

When you need a more nutrient dense chicken broth, there is nothing better than our pastured chicken bones. Simmer with celery, carrots and onions to make a nutrient-dense, nourishing broth. We recommend about 4lbs bones per batch of soup. Recipe

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GREAT VALUE: Save $0.25/lb with a 7-pack!
Chicken Liver

A nutrient-dense, old-fashioned delight. Pastured chicken livers are chock-full of vitamins A & B, folic acid, and iron, and, when chopped up with a little sauteed onion and a hard-boiled egg, out-of-this-world delicious. Liver must be kashered before eating; instructions for how to do this are included with your order. Recipe

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GREAT VALUE: Save $0.25/lb with a 4-pack!
Chicken Skin

Bring back the flavors of your grandmother's kitchen! Render these skins to make clear, flavorful shmaltz for cooking. Then enjoy the gribnes (crispy skin bits left over after the fat has been rendered out) -- you won't be able to resist eating them hot right out of the pan! Add them to your chopped liver for an extra delicious crunch. Recipe

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Whole Duck

Delight in duck! Our pasture-raised Pekin ducks are tender, flavorful and rich. Roast whole, then put your carcass to work making scrumptious stock. Recipes

 1 whole duck per pack

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The Gefilte Manifesto

One of the most exciting cuisines in the world has been hiding in plain sight.

Liz and Jeffrey, cofounders of the world famous Gefilteria, are on a mission to revitalize Ashkenazi cuisine with recipes that draw inspiration from Jewish bakeries, neighborhood delis, old-fashioned pickle shops, and their own childhood kitchens. In The Gefilte Manifesto, they reclaim time-honored techniques and ingredients to produce radically delicious recipes that will make you rethink everything you thought you knew about Jewish food. From the mind-blowingly easy Classic Sour Dill Pickles to Crispy Honey-Glazed Chicken with Tsimmes, from Spiced Blueberry Soup to Challah with a Marble Rye Twist, these are recipes you'll turn to again and again.

Purchase your copy of The Gefilte Manifesto here

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