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Glatt Kosher Meats Raised on Pasture in the USA with No Hormones or Antibiotics
Thanksgiving Schedule & Turkey Defrosting Tips
The Chuck Steak was so tender, juicy and flavorful, I was totally surprised and pleased.
- Marcia, Berkeley
Unbelievable customer service!! I was beyond satisfied with my Grow and Behold order. Everything was delicious.
- Sharon, Bala Cynwyd
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Order Changes & Cancelation Policies

As long as we have not started to process your order, you may modify or cancel your order after it has been placed by logging in and editing your cart. To cancel the order completely, adjust the amount for each item to "0".

Orders may be In Process as early as the Thursday before your selected delivery/ship date. Once your order is In Process, you will not be able to edit it through our online system. Send us an email ( with your additions or changes. There will be a $10 restocking fee for canceled items. Additional shipping charges may apply for extra items.

Orders cannot be canceled or modified after the order deadline has passed.

FedEx Delivery Policies

If you select Mail Order, your order will be sent via FedEx. Grow and Behold is not responsible in the event that FedEx is unable to deliver a package on the schedule date.

All packages to home addresses are shipped "sign release," meaning no signature is required and FedEx will leave the package at the address UNLESS they feel it is not safe to do so, or it is an apartment building with no safe place to leave the package.

Packages shipped to businesses require a signature upon delivery and are generally delivered before 5pm.

We pack our products securely and with enough dry ice to handle an extra day of shipping, in the case of any delays. Dry ice sublimates, so even if there appears to be 'no dry ice' in the box when it arrives, as long as everything is cold to the touch, it is safe to refreeze and use at a later date (even if it is no longer frozen).

Please double-check your address. Grow and Behold is not responsible for delays caused by typos, errors or omissions in the delivery address.

Home Delivery Policies

Someone must be home during your delivery window to receive your delivery. If you cannot be home during this time, please leave a cooler outside where we can leave your order. Please put enough ice in the cooler to keep your products frozen until you get home. We cannot be responsible for lost, damaged or thawed items left in a cooler.

If you are not home when we arrive at your home and have not left a cooler, we will attempt to contact you by phone for further instruction on where to leave your order. (Please make sure the telephone number you use when you check out is the number where you can be reached during delivery hours.)

If we cannot reach you, we will leave your order at your door in a cooler if there is a safe place to do so. The charge for a cooler provided by us is $8.50 (small) or $14.00 (large). You may return your cooler for refund (if it is in good condition) the next time we make a delivery to your house.

Our products are fully frozen when they arrive at your home. We cannot be responsible for lost, damaged or thawed items once they have been delivered.

If you live in an apartment building and we cannot get in, or there is no safe place to leave your order, your delivery may have to be rescheduled to the next delivery in your area. Additional delivery fees may apply.

Buying Club Policies

Occasionally Buying Club pick-ups may be delayed due to weather, holidays, traffic incidents, or other issues beyond our control. We monitor our shipments closely and will give you as much notice as possible in the event of any delay. We appreciate your flexibility in the event that pick-up needs to be rescheduled. Grow and Behold will not issue refunds for shipping costs or products in the event of a shipping-related delay.

Please check your invoice carefully to make sure you have picked up your entire order (which may be in both boxes and/or bags) before you leave the pick up location. If there is a problem with your order, you must notify us within 24 hours of the pick up time. We cannot be responsible for missing items that are reported after 24 hours.

Return Policy

Grow and Behold Foods works to ensure that our products are as fresh as can be when they get to you. All of our products travel under refrigeration, and our frozen items are shipped with enough refrigerant to stay frozen until they arrive at your door.

Please check your order carefully upon receipt. If there are any errors, omissions, you are unsatisfied with any of your products, or you have any other questions about your order, please contact us within 36 hours. We will do everything we can to rectify the situation. We cannot be responsible for missing, incorrect or damaged items that are reported more than 36 hours after pickup/delivery.

Please do not discard any product or packaging until you have contacted us. If any of our products are damaged or spoiled due to our negligence, Grow and Behold will replace them free of charge or refund your money.

Grow and Behold is not responsible in the event that FedEx is unable to deliver your package on the scheduled date.

If there is a problem with any of the products or packaging, please do not discard anything until you have contacted us. It's also great idea to take a picture of anything you would like us to know about (good or bad).

We strive to bring you the best of the best, and if we have fallen short, we need to know. Don't hesitate to contact us at or 888-790-5781 and we'll make things right as soon as possible.
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